5 Ways To Develop Your Creative Side Through Music

Creativity is a fascinating but fickle beast. It can come to you effortlessly from time to Time, and when it does, you feel like a new person. Creative thinking also has a strong genetic component. Your parents play an important role in the development of your creative potential – their creativity was passed down to them, making it likely that they will have the same impact on you as well.

Creativity is an integral part of life, and the fact that so many people are interested in learning ways to develop their creative side is testament to that.

Music can be used as one of many creative tools for developing your creative abilities. It’s not only great for listening to; it’s also an excellent way to learn about chords, scales, rhythms, genres, compositions and much more.

The key here is finding music that specifically targets the things you want to work on and then sticking with it until your desired result is achieved.

Here are five effective ways to develop your creative side through music

Play music from different genres

On your quest to develop your creative abilities, it’s important to expand your musical horizons. Many people stick to just one genre, but playing music from different genres opens you up to a range of different compositional techniques and styles. If you’re looking to develop your jazz skills, try listening to some bebop, or if you’re more of a pop fan, there are plenty of different types of pop out there. Whatever musical genre you decide to focus on, make sure it’s one that you genuinely enjoy.

Attend concerts and festivals

Music festivals are an incredible way to learn about new music, meet like-minded people and expand your musical horizons. Typically, there are a number of stages where different acts perform and attendees can head to whichever one they prefer. There’s usually a wide range of different acts on the same stage, with no restrictions on genre. This can be a great way to learn about fresh new artists. Be open to experimenting with different music styles and compositional techniques while also meeting like-minded people who share your interest in new music.

Learn an instrument and practice regularly

If you want to develop your creative side, it’s a good idea to learn a musical instrument. This can be anything from an acoustic guitar to a piano – even a ukulele. Learning how to read music and how to read sheet music are important as well, but it’s more about learning how to use the tools of your new (musical) trade. Apart from learning the basics, make sure you’re practicing. Even if you don’t feel like it, make sure you’re following a daily routine. Practicing will help you iron out any bad habits and build up your skill set so that you get the most out of any time you do spend playing.

Listen to audio books

Audiobooks are an excellent way to develop your creative abilities. They allow you to practice on-the-go, anywhere you have an internet connection. Whether you listen while commuting, while working out in the gym or while you’re doing chores, audiobooks allow you to practice anywhere. If you’re looking to develop your creative side, audiobooks are a great way to do so. They allow you to get in the groove of new music styles, as well as build your skill set.

Create your own music

Finally, don’t forget that you can create your own music. There are lots of software tools out there that allow you to put together your own songs, from melody to instrumentation. Some of the best ways to develop your creative side through music are by learning about new styles of music composition, developing your skill set and learning how to create music that is truly yours. If you want to develop your creative side and music is your thing, there are lots of effective ways to do so.